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02Entrepreneurs of all countries, conducting  their business, faces various problems for which solutions they need to know that the Russian-European Centre for International Business unites work of business and trade associations, chambers of commerce and industry, public and administrative structures, profit and non-profit structures of various countries who have information, technology, connections, and most importantly, professional experts, professionals and managers who are always ready to cooperate with them.

The number of Russian companies wishing to enter the international market increases day by day. On the other hand, one can notice the increase in number of international companies wishing to develop close cooperation with their partners in Russia, as evidenced by a number of foreign firms in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, as well as by a number of jobs in foreign companies for Russian citizens. All this only confirms the intention of the Centre to promote international business in general and business relations between Russian entrepreneurs and international business community in particular.
A complex programme of Nowatell Ltd. for the development and support of foreign economic relations of Russian entrepreneurs is a logical continuation of previous work and takes into account the results in the form of a Russia-European Centre for International Business. The programme-target method and systematic approach to support and development of business cooperation between Russian entrepreneurs and the international business community, based on the realisation of the target complex programmes, tailored to the real state of business, its needs and level of development in various sectors of the economy, problems and challenges as well as others, including social, factors, entirely justify themselves. Established as a result of many years work information structure of Nowatell Ltd. acquired a systematic character in its function (i. e in different areas of support and development of business cooperation) as well as in geography - at the moment representatives of Nowatell Ltd. are active in Russia, Germany, Poland, France and Spain.
It should also be noted that a number of services concerning programmes for support and development of business cooperation between subjects of international business offered by the Centre are unique to the world practice. On their basis unique information, marketing and subcontracting supply systems were created, whose services are used by entrepreneurs in Russia, CIS and European countries. Within a short time enhancing of support and development mechanisms of small and medium business as well as business in general in the development of their foreign trade activities will be continued. This is due to the need for entrepreneurs’ accessibility to specialised institutions that provide a comprehensive and targeted support to enterprises in various areas: information, consulting, training, forecasting and analytical, scientific, technical, financial, property areas etc.

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