Green Week 2013

zelenaya_nedelya_newsFrom 18th till 27th of January 2013 in Berlin there will be held 78th International fair "Green Week 2013» ("Green Week", "Grüne Woche"), «Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin» («Green Week") – the unique international exhibition of achievements of the food industry, agriculture, horticulture and food industry.

Spectrum of target groups of the visitors of "Green Week" is striking wide: here there are researchers, engineers, agronomists, biophysicists, technologists, wholesalers and retailers, importers of agricultural advances, experts in various fields of agriculture, experts in the field of agricultural policy and management, mass media representatives. Official delegations, agriculture ministers from 40 countries, as well as top managers of the leading agricultural and food corporations of the world attend this fair. Russia for the past 17 years is a regular participant of Berlin exhibition, introducing innovative technologies in agriculture, investment projects, and the best national food products. Russian section has traditionally a separate exhibition hall (2.2) of 6000 square meters, in 2011 there were presented 140 investment projects of a total value estimated at 4 billion Euros.

The exhibition will present the whole spectrum of several industries at once, from tea to wine and spirits products, from meat and sausage products to seafood, vegetables and fruits. In addition there has been traditionally demonstrated production of food, timber, woodworking, landscaping and horticulture, technologies of cattle breeding and poultry.

"Green Week 2013" will present the following sections:

  • Food products and beverages from all around the world
  • Wine and spirits
  • Meat and dairy products
  • Tea, herbs and spices
  • Marine Products
  • Seeds
  • Cattle breeding
  • Equipment, machinery and hardware for agriculture and horticulture
  • Greenhouses and garden accessories
  • Machinery and equipment for kitchen and household

Traditionally, Green Week 2013 in Berlin offers a very rich business and associated program of events – within the exhibition there will be held over 300 symposiums, seminars, forums, meetings of committees, etc. These events will bring together industry experts and top managers of commercial organizations and government of autonomous bodies of agriculture and food industry. Here, there will take place an international conference of ministries of agriculture, which invited 1,400 people. There will be an entire program of forums in certain areas, in particular, in cattle breeding, industrial achievements in the development of horticultural and vegetable crops, energy-efficient technologies in equipment of the main sections of the industry.

Statistics of the fair Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin 2011:

The total area of the exhibition - 118 000 sq. m.,
the number of exhibitors - 1,498 from 57 countries.

The number of visitors - 424 174.
The contracts amounted to € 42 million - one million more than in 2009.

In 2011, 220 leading politicians from around the world, 62 ministers, 85 ambassadors and consuls, 40 agricultural attachés of different countries and 5,150 journalists from 71 countries visited the fair.

European-Russian Center for innovations, ecology and economic development “EuroRuss” e.V. offers the organization service of the business negotiations and meetings with Russian delegations within the fair “International Green Week Berlin 2013”

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